familiar prologue

My body had wounds everywhere and I could feel it slowly becoming cold.

The constant throbbing pain made my head go blank.

I swung my great sword again and another body fell to the ground.

My body moved on instincts alone as I fought for what felt like days.

I wonder when I stopped caring about taking lives?

I remember something breaking a few million years ago, did that cause it?

I simply fought since I came here, it was the only thing I did.

Fighting day in and day out and before I realized it,

I was a couple million years further and was deemed slaughterer of the eternal.

I miss the peaceful days, how long ago was the last one? I don’t know.

Am I…. surrounded? I lost my sight quite a while ago so I don’t 100% know.

But if I am right there are at least 100 people who openly show their blood lust.

This could be a problem… “slaughterer, we have had enough of your tyranny

so accept your fate and fall before our blades!”

Oh someone spoke, this is not looking good.

Will I fall here?

I had enough of killing, I don’t want to anymore.

The only thing I ever longed for was a purpose, nothing more nothing less.

Why do I have this longing, where is it coming from?

It does not matter, I had enough of all this, this suffering, this numbness,

this helplessness, this power, this long life, this immortality, this infamy.

Death. How nice that sounds to my ears at this moment. Could I have my well earned

rest now? Can I stop living this purposeless life?

I want to die.

Do I?

I don’t want to, it sounds scary.

What hypocrisy am I thinking? Scared, me? The bane of a entire realm is scared?

Scared of death? But is that it? Am I scared of something?

What is it? It’s at the tip of my tong.

What was it called? It’s what I have never been, yet always was.

I remembered something, it’s that.

I truly am pathetic. I have always been, wasn’t I Alrich?

Yes you are, yet are not. You are many, yet one. You are brave but also a coward.

You are strong, yet weak. Smart yet stupid. But there is one thing you have never

been isn’t there?

There is, I have never been defeated. You know what, let’s try to be defeated

while doing our best.

I fought, I took out almost all of them.

My body stopped moving because of a sudden familiar feeling,

and I was hit by a war-hammer.

The two remaining people where giving off a smug feeling as if they got me.

the ground started glowing and For possibly the first time I could remember,

I felt a comfortable warmth.


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