Familiar CH.4


“And remember to be extremely careful with the seniors, I heard there is someone called Sharamon among the second years who is tyrannical beyond compare”

As I was talking to my daughter besides me I saw a small white haired girl walk through the crowd of people towards one of the staff members. Is she lost? maybe someones little sister? She handed a letter to the staff member and seemed to have said something.

What was that aura that staff member let loose for a split second? It seemed like a mix of fear and sympathy. Just what kind of situation is that little girl in? My daughter noticed my gaze and followed it. “Father don’t tell me you swing that way?” “Why are you looking at your father like that? It seems this child is lost and or in a perilous situation.” I spoke with certainty. What else could it be if not one of those?

My daughter seemed to disagree “Father can you not see her uniform? It seems she is a new student like me. She looks so small though, it makes me want to protect her.” It seems she is right but before I was able to say anything the lights turned off and a spotlight could be seen on the stage….

(3 minutes later)

Why has no one come out yet? It is extremely rude to talk during moments like this so it was totally quiet. Because of this silence we could hear the voices behind the stage.

“Truly a good young one, how about marrying my grandson?”

How about no….”

A weak voice answered, clearly a bit annoyed. This voice sounded like a whisper almost unable to be heard. as an expert of the sixth stone I could hear her voice as loudly as if she was taking normally besides me. A girl who is soft spoken and from her voice she sounds quite frail. The little white haired girl from before? After that only two-three seconds past and a plain looking elderly man came walking on stage.

He held a short speech and welcomed someone of the Rethar house on the stage.I didn’t realize they where still around. After he spoke the little white haired girl came walking on stage while fidgeting with her fingers and having her head hung low.

When she arrived at the speech stand she raised her head and at this moment I could see her right eye which was almost pure gold if not for some dark vine like lines at the very bottom of her eye. It gave of a heroic and holy feeling, as if I was standing in front of a saint. After that she moved her hair away from her left eye and as I looked at her left eye I felt a terrible pressure, as if I was standing in front of the grim reaper himself. Cold sweat started forming on my forehead and back as I lifted my hand in front of my daughters eyes. A child should not be exposed to such a pressure.

“What are you doing father?” “Whatever you do, do NOT look at her left eye” I warned as she moved my hand away. The first thing she did was, of course, look at the little girl’s left eye and ask: “Why not? There is nothing wrong with her eyes besides the color difference.” Could it be only people with a certain amount of stones is able to sense this pressure? Or is it only effective on people who know the feeling of standing on death’s door? Whatever it is, its extremely uncomfortable to look at her left eye so I wont. After inhaling a deep breath she spoke:

“Fellow students of our great Royal Academia. I, Alicia, am inexperienced and have not yet matured. For these reasons I wish you all to go easy on me these years we will spend in the Royal Academia. Do this not only for me, but for all you meet on your path towards glory and knowledge. whether someone is a summoner or merely a elemental mage, treat them with respect and show good will to those who offer their own.

Now I know some of you will be dissatisfied with me being the first year representative because they think it should be them or because of my heritage or both. To satisfy those people I will now give a demonstration of my magic.”

“Why does her voice sound so frail? I almost can’t hear her.” “maybe she has a weak constitution, but enough about that. I want to see her magic.” I told my daughter. I quickly glanced at the principle, and to my surprise he looked quite shaken. Almost immediately I could see the mages of the academia move to create a barrier. after that a singing voice, clear as the sky resounded through the hall.

[Come, come show yourself to my melody. dance, dance till life is nowhere to see. Spread plague and misery for all to be, taken by {our Dance of Death’s Melody}.

DEATH MAGIC?! Is this girl tired of living? And the worst is that this high level spell is the most terrible of all death spells in terms of backlash. Your legs will decay at a speed noticeable by the naked eye and the pain it gives is said to be multiplied by 300 compared to getting acid to eat your legs away. The magic also forces you to feel the pain of your bones decaying even after all nerves are gone. Almost all people who have ever used this magic have died because of the sheer pain it brings. And this girl did this to wipe away some doubt about her spot as honor student? What a psycho.

The pressure the magic spell brought was just a tad weaker than that of her left eye which started to glow during the chant of the spell. The strength of the spell was abnormal even for death magic standards as it brought even the marble to dust.

The barrier shattered with the last bit of the spells power, neutralizing both. I started to stutter as other experts did the same. Why? It was because we could see a phantom holding the little girl in its embrace, sheltering her from all that would harm her, including the backlash of the death spell.

This was just unheard of. If she managed to ascend by getting to the tenth stone than that would mean the birth of a death god. something that had yet to happen in all of recorded history. How terrifying would that be? Fire boasts the greatest offensive capabilities but that is a misconception. Death magic is, was and always will be the most powerful of all magics and the backlash it gives is supposed to balance it because without that balance it would be too overbearing.

Because of this backlash there is no stone limitation to the death spells, again to keep it in balance. The reason why no one was able to ascend to a death god was because there was simply no way anyone would expert themselves in death magic. If she does decide to specialize in death magic it could shake the world at its very core! She might even have the chance to join the 13 lords. “Daughter, try and become friends with that girl. If you feel she does not like you, just take your distance and forget all about it. And what ever you do, do NOT CROSS HER. Do you understand?” What luck would descend upon our house were my daughter to become good friends with her? What misfortune would lie in wait for her enemies? For the future of both my daughter and our house, we must get on her best side. Even if she is a Rethar.


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