familiar CH.3

(I will switch between writing form pretty often so to make it easier I will name the writing form at the beginning of the paragraph. I will also use a better font from now on.)

3rd person

You can do it! Was what I was thinking as I stood in front of the large building which was supported by spiraling pillars. I went through the big open doors and walked through the hall which was starting to fill up as students and parents flooded to their seats. I went to one of the staff members and told him who I was and for what I came. He had a look of disgust for a split second and then returned to a indifferent gaze. I saw that! I wanted to yell but I held back from making a scene since that would invite a lot more looks of disgust and we wouldn’t want that now do we? I was brought to the backstage and told to wait there. Ten or so minutes later a elderly man with glasses and a small stature came walking and spoke to me: “Oh so this is the young lady of the Rethar family? Just like they said it feels like I am in the room with Lord Iks which isn’t that pleasant, but leave the old by the old and the young with the young. Was it surprising to you young lady?”

“I was kind of surprised that your royal academia would actually let me do this speech and risk losing a lot of support from both the public and the royal family.” I said with a pondering voice.

“Truly a good young one aren’t you? But it seems you have misinterpreted something. we are holding the ancient tradition in stand, not showing you any kind of support even if I myself think it’s not right to blame some one for what their ancestors did.”

It’s only to be expected that they had to split a line between supporting me and upholding tradition. They take a passive stance with this sort of statement, neither for or against allowing one of Lilianna’s descendants into the royal academia.

“Was that what leave the old by the old and the young with the young means? Not judging someone for what they did in their past or what their ancestors did and instead look at who and what they are right now?”

“It is a nice phrase. At least I think so. But I think it is about time for me to go on stage to give the introduction to the school and introducing you. You’ll walk on stage when I give the signal won’t you?”

“Sure, just give the word and I will go, it’s not like I have a choice.” I gave my conformation and the old man spoke again:

“Truly a good young one are you not? How about marrying my grandson?”

“How about NO?” I said while slightly annoyed.

“It was just an old man teasing you, no need to get upset now.” He said with a smirk on his face which ticked me off even more because it gave of a “I am going to enjoy teasing you” vibe.

“Would you look at that! The signal for me to go on stage. Ill be sure to continue this conversation later. Have fun thinking about that.” The old man said with the same smug look on his face.

While I was too busy holding myself back from hitting him in the face to retort he walked on stage.

“Hhmm…. Young ones who thread on the road of magic, I am Kal, the principle of the Royal academia and a 9th stone mage. I welcome you all to my humble academia and hope that you all will have a wonderful time mixing in with both the commoners, the nobles and the seniors. now then young ones we at the academia would like to keep it short and simple so we will end it after the opening speech of our honor student and first year representative, Alicia of the house Rethar.”

That was my Que, but was it not a bit too simple and short? You did not even wish us happy memories or hope us that we could find good friends. Or is it just me that that is usually included in such speeches? While I am thinking that I was walking on stage and was met with less then happy glares. I also realized that I may or may not have some mental issues as I kinda wanted to kill all of them and do not so nice things to their lifeless, deformed, mutilated bodies. Maybe I have some repressed anger or maybe I have the same mental disorder that Liliana had. But I don’t know and don’t care.

“Fellow students of our great Royal Academia. I, Alicia, am inexperienced and have not yet matured. For these reasons I wish you all to go easy on me these years we will spend in the Royal Academia. Do this not only for me, but for all you meet on your path towards glory and knowledge. whether someone is a summoner or merely a elemental mage, treat them with respect and show good will to those who offer their own.

Now I know some of you will be dissatisfied with me being the first year representative because they think it should be them or because of my heritage or both. To satisfy those people I will now give a demonstration of my magic.”

At this point I could see that old man Kal’s face turn as white as paper, he obviously knew I only had three elements: death, darkness and holy. He seemed to use a type of telepathy to tell all the professors to lay down a protective barrier between me and the crowd of people. He certainly knew his stuff, because the holy magic element was the hardest to learn and find spells for so I have not even bothered. Death on the other hand has a long running history of being in my family so even as a fallen house we still had top tier death spells for me to learn, so I did.

As I started to gather mana I decided to use my most powerful death spell, a forbidden death spell. [Come, come show yourself to my melody. dance, dance till life is nowhere to see. Spread plague and misery for all to be, taken by {our Dance of Death’s Melody}.

Finally the chant was finished. Why are these so long? Could the creator really not find a shorter chant? It’s also pretty embarrassing to say all that poetic bullshit.

Even if I can complain about the process I cant complain about the results.                           The marble tiles turned to brittle hollowed slabs which would fall apart on the slightest touch, the barrier which was made by allot of mages combined started to dissipate and i could even see some of the mages cough up blood which was a black green colour.

It worked wonders! Everyone had a face as white as a sheet of paper. Some of the new students fainted. It seems this level of magic Is quite terrifying to see being cast. the funny part is that normal death magic would hurt the mage casting it as well. But I have a innate death and holy attribute nullifying the drawback on the death magic. What a nice thing talent is. because death magic had these drawbacks the heavens were fair and made it so that as long someone had a innate death attribute you could learn any death spell. But with the drawback being nullified death magic became the most powerful and tyrannical of all magics. What a Marry Sue I am.


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