familiar CH.2

How have you been doing my dear Dia?
I have been doing delightful, thanks for asking.
I got enrolled in the royal academia.
I mean, it would be weird if I didn't right?
The person with the most mana in the last 6000 years who also has a
summon of at least sovereign realm quality.
It would be weird if I was rejected by the academia.
Its just that I never expected to get 98% of the written test correct making me
the person with the highest score.
So I am the first year class representative who according to tradition will have
to hold a opening speech for the entire student body including most of the
first years parents since they are aloud to tag along.
So what? you might be thinking, you will be fine.
but to be honest with you, there is one thing I am not confident in and that is
my ability to do things in front of crowds without hysterically laughing.
The reason is when ever I see bored faces I think: "you think this is boring?
Fine then, I will make it interesting for you."
After that thought I just start finding it extremely funny can't hold my laughter.
That along with the fact that I can't handle someone making fun of me are 
most likely my two major flaws, if I say so myself.
I know it is arrogant of me to judge my own character but who will refute me?
you will just have to take my word for it because I am the only person writing
inside of you my dear Dia.
But I am not really feeling it, this entire speech in front of everyone thing.
I mean it's a honour and all but come on royal academia. 
You let a descendant of Lillianna the mad be you're first year representative.
The royal family, the nobles and the common folk will be shaming you for this.
I bet every single instructor at the academia is asking for the tradition to be
The academia will most likely not take the hit to their reputation and thus will
not proceed with the speech. I hope.
And while we are on the topic, yes the great I am a descendant of queen Lilliana
the second, also known as Lilliana the mad. I would explain what her stick was all
about but I think the name spoils the fun so I will go straight to the point.
Insanity, pure insanity was how her actions where described at the time.
To know why what she did was pure insanity you will have to know some history of
our great Phyrax empire. some 30.000 years ago our ancestor, Phyraxious Retharis
was crowned king of the small kingdom of Rethar which was at the point of complete
collapse because of both enemy kingdoms and his fathers reign.
The young Phyrax could not stand seeing his beloved land torn apart by the hungry
beasts that were the surrounding kingdoms. So he decided that the only method
to protect his lands were to be so powerful that no kingdom would dare to even think
about invading, staging coups or anything of the sort.
He eventually ascended to godhood and conquered the entire beginning continent.
He alone could never have done it even after going through ascension and had most
of his success to thank to the great mind and strength of his right hand man:
Mircius. As you might have noticed he had no family name because he was a orphan.
Phyraxious who was now emperor bestowed a family name upon Mircius which eventually
became a title for the high general: Might. yup, Mircius Might was what his full
name became. Sounds stupid doesn't it? Anyway like I mentioned before his last name
became a title bestowed upon the mightiest and wisest of generals. these generals 
where addressed as lord Might by mouth and just, Might in scriptures.
A new might can only be chose once the old might has been proven to be unable to
live up to his title by either old age, a crippling injury or simply dying.
So Lilliana was born in a time where the position of might was open and would not
be filled till she was about ten. The might of that time was sixteen at his naming
ceremony making him the youngest might ever. He was responsible for the reconquering
of the beginning continent and was assigned to the position of royal protector under
Lilliana when she was twelve. It was all fine and dandy up to the point when she
turned sixteen. Sixteen is the age when someone is seen as fit to rule so the first
thing that happened was, would you know it, her father died of poisoning two days
after her birthday. Three days later her mother died by assassination and the day
after that she was crowned empress. 

A quick list of things she did:
she raised the taxes to a impossible to pay level, 
beheaded all high council members,
took the families of all the supreme judges hostage and killed those who had none,
ordered the annihilation of the Might his army, blamed it on him, captured his wife
and daughter had them ravaged in front of him, sold them as slaves, two years later
dismantled them in front of him and then hanged their heads just outside his cell
so he was forced to watch them every waking hour.
After all this she still publicly tortured the poor guy and 
killed all his friends in front of him.
she finally freed the broken man after 5 days of public torture by using a high
form of decay magic making even his final moments hellishly painful.
The people who saw the Might of that time as their hero and idol because he was 
the most kindhearted Might since the founding of the empire
where of course not that happy with how things where going and revolted.
They killed the queen after three months of battle.
Now I want to say something, if someone is tortured like that there has to be a
reason right? so maybe he was not as kindhearted as they would have you believe.
I am just putting it out there. Because it honestly smells fishy to me.
After Lilliana was killed a new royal family was chosen by the people and the land
was reformed with new safety measures to ensure something like that would not come
about again. hold on Why isn't she known as Lilliana the cruel then? good you asked.
Her nickname came about when her room was searched and writings where found all over
the walls, floors, furniture and even the ceiling. They also found dismembered limbs
in jars and severed heads in her closet. After that she was deemed mentally insane
and got the nickname Lilliana the mad. You can most likely imagine what happened to
her remaining family, and you would be wrong because besides a downgrade of noble
rank nothing was done to them because at least the people realized that they
had done absolutely nothing wrong. But this did not mean we were not blamed for it.
Even now we are still looked down upon with utter disgust and hate so our family has
basically fallen to the point of being a rich commoner family.
We are disdained by the nobles and seen as evil by the commoners which is the reason
the academy will most likely not let me do my speech. I hope.
But i'll leave it at that for today so till next time my dear Dia.

Love, you're lovely Alice.


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