familiar CH.1

Dear diary, how are you?

My name is Alicia but people call me Alice.

Today was my 11th birthday and I got you as a present, Dia. Is it alright to call you Dia? Why am I writing this in a book to said book? I don’t know what direction this is going, I am just really exited!

Okay I will explain it to you Dia. The world we live in is split in 9 continents and is mostly sea. The continents are as follows: the Soulic continent, the Molag continent, the lordly holy lotus land, the Chaos void, the Unknown lands, the Railefell continent, the Marcus continent, the Dragon heart and the Beginning continent.

We are at the Beginning continent, why is it named beginning? It is because this was the continent were the oldest human cities and settlements are. This land was the beginning of mankind’s rise to dominance, or so it goes. Honestly I don’t really get the reason behind most names of the continents and I only know a tiny bit about the other continents.

But back on track we will go. So this world is filled with creatures of extreme power like the legendary dragons or the almighty world giants! Humans are naturally weaker then almost all other creatures you can find, but we have one advantage: summoning magic! Other creatures can use elemental magic that humans also use but only humans have summoning magic! This allows humans to summon and make a contract with creatures from different planes! There are as I said no wait, as I wrote? Anyway there are multiple planes or realms as they are also called were creatures reside this is a quick list: the seven heavenly realms, the nine sinful realms, the 4 sovereign realms and the realm we revere to as the infernal realm.

That last one is a bit weird because we only know that it exists, we don’t know how many there are so I will just revere to it as one realm. But now the reason I am so exited is I, Alicia, have talent in summoning magic! I know you are jealous of me, no need to hide it. How do you know where your talent in magic lies? simple. On a Humans 12th year of life(you’re 11 birthday) their mana core will be completed allowing mana to flow through said humans body and allowing magic to be used.

On the last day of the year you would go to the local magic school or how nobles call it “academia” to get your magic affinity and talent tested. it’s seen as a great event for magi and academia to recruit talented people. So all they do is have you use a certain element and if you succeed you have talent for it, this goes the same for summoning magic. They will have you put your mana in a summoning circle and if there is the noise or the voice of a creature you have talent for summoning and the louder the noise or voice the better your summon will be. So I went to the magic school and got tested on mana capacity first. It looks like I am most likely unparalleled in mana capacity at the first stone level if you discount dragons so that is pretty nice. But the best part was the faces the instructors and the nobles made, it was priceless for both of them. The nobles looked like they ate something very disgusting and the instructors looked like they had seen a ghost, their faces where white as paper. So after my nice loud, and in the eyes of nobles disrespectful, hysterical laughter, I went to the other tests to test my affinity.

In conclusion for elemental magic I am talented in death magic, darkness magic and holy magic . So in total 3 different types of magic which was a bit below average but all the 3 elements were rare to see, and then came the summoning magic test.

Some nobles looked like they were going to decide something with this test, most likely something stupid such as trying to win my hand for their sons. But there I stood, hoping I would have even the smallest amount of talent for summoning magic. the instructor told me it was ready for use and I decided to put as much mana in there as I could, because it is not like I can’t control my mana output at all. I am good at controlling mana, sersiously I am. Don’t doubt me. So next thing I hear is a ear deafening roar that sounded like a human which got me terrified to death. The sudden loud roar terrified you? That was not what got me both terrified and exited at the same time, it was the pressure the roar gave of that was incredibly strong. Most people actually fainted from this heart stopping pressure and it got me thinking this is the thing which I am bounded to by faith so isn’t this strength really good? After that the instructor spoke to me after calming down and told me that it was most likely a high ranking creature from the 4 sovereign realms or possibly a being from the most unknown realm, the infernal realm. which in of itself would have mages all around the world looking for me to become their disciples or join their schools of magic, which would just be a bother really. So I just decided with my parents that I would join the imperial mage school for convenience and safety so I have to look forward to being bullied by the nobles for being a fallen noble but at least I won’t be someones guinea pig for the rest of my life. So yea I am exited, really exited.

Dia, I hope you didn’t get bored with my ramblings because there will be more in the future. Love, Alice.

(P.S. I also don’t know what the instructor meant with “first stone”. Also I am the second case ever of someone having all 3 of my elements so that is also something.)


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